Moon Active’s
QA moon Camp!
Dream of becoming a QA Engineer, but lack the relevant experience?
Join Moon Active and learn from the best in class!
October 2023

Moon Active’s
QA Moon camp
is taking off!

Whether you’re newly graduated or have already dipped your toes into the world of finding bugs, now’s the time to kickstart your QA career!

Moon Active is offering an incredible opportunity to break into the world of QA Engineering in one of the biggest and most advanced industries in tech. Come learn everything you need to know in our exclusive on-the-job training course.

You’ll master the most in-demand skills during this 4-week moon camp, which includes an array of technical courses and expert-led lectures, all designed to get you acquainted with key QA concepts!


  • Get creative on a day-to-day basis!
    Embrace your innovative side while finding bugs, contemplating edge cases, and considering the user experience.

  • Dive into unique challenges!
    Drill down into test cases while exploring new features & Liveops events.

  • With great responsibility comes great impact!
    You’ll play a vital role in the process of new features going to production.

What we are looking for

New graduates with plenty of motivation!

QA Engineers with at least 1 year of experience

How it works

<p>Apply for the QA Engineer (operations) position</p>

Apply for the QA Engineer (operations) position

<p>Complete our recruitment process</p>

Complete our recruitment process

<p>Begin our Moon camp as a Moon Active Employee</p>

Begin our Moon camp as a Moon Active Employee

<p>Blast off & become a skilled QA Engineer!</p>

Blast off & become a skilled QA Engineer!


Moon Active is one of the world’s fastest-growing mobile games company.

We create top-quality gaming entertainment that is enjoyed by millions of players across the globe.

Some Facts About
Moon Active

Our leading game Coin Master is consistently ranked as one of the top grossing apps globally.
Our games have over 300 million downloads to our games and millions of daily active users.
Over the past five years, our team grew from 100 to more than 2,000 team members.

Ready to work at one of the
top mobile game companies
in the world?

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